What Aliens think: i'm sick and tired of waiting. We're taking as fools, their 'soon' means nothing. I want new songs, I want them to come back, I miss them, why don't they understand that we need them? Why is it taking so long if the songs are ready? They're fooling us around and I can't even get mad at them even if I want so much to. I did my waiting, 3 FUCKING years of it, IN AZKAB- no wait, that's Sirius Black. Harry Potter really fucked me up, wow. Anyway, what was I thinking? Oh yes, I love them but I hate them but I love them but I hate them because they're making us wait so much and they know how much we suffer for that, why are doing this to us? Always useless posts on the app and nothing new. I'm getting really tired of all that. And what about the tokio hotel site? It's been closed for two years, waiting for the fucking new layout. And still NOTHING. Why? Why god why? Why did I chose to follow these lazy peasants? I swear if the next post isn't about a release date for the album or the single I'm done. I quit everything, screw them and their 'soons'.

What Aliens say: tokio hotel pls fck mei


Good fucking grief.

A.) you don’t have to have the app. Dont have to spend money on it anything. And if you don’t get the app, you get that shit free so you shouldn’t even be complaining. You choose to pay when there are numerous ways to get the stuff for free.

B.) its not an advert app, while im not too engrossed in the content, this is what they’re interested in. Certain movies or quotes or whatever. It is an insight into their lives, one they dont have to give. Dont ask for more, because their personal lives are personal for a reason.

C.) Both Georg and Gustav have said they dont care for the business side of music - the app is a business investment. Propaganda. It was advertised as an app featuring only the twins, and while itd be nice for gustav and georg to join in, dont act like you didnt realize itd be a twins thing. They’re not simply there for your entertainment.

D.) yes an album would be nice, yes a release date would be wonderful, but patience. There are so many bands releasing amazing music this year, dont take the time to chastise a band - that wont even see your complaints - about their techniques. Yes, waiting is no fun, and itd be great to have it now, but guys. If you rush it, you’ll end up with something as shit as Falling In Reverses new album. Dont rush it. Even if youd like to. Besides, when the album is done, and everything is all set, theyll probably do what they did with Humanoid and release fifteen second snippets of each song to get us pumped.

E.) Just shut up about Ria. Fucking seriously.

F.) Everybody has a fucking private life. Nobody wants everything out in the public, because privacy exists for a reason, theyve lived their entire lives in the spot light, what is so wrong with wanting the spotlight pointed elsewhere? You don’t know them, or what they think. You know nothing other than the faux look in their lives youve been given. Which is, as i said, a faux look. As in, not real. Man made. A creation. A fabrication. I don’t think I need any more synonyms but do tell me if i do.

G.) dude. You don’t know bill. You can’t call a man the sun, no matter how great he may seem. There’s a reason the phrase is “you look at him/her like s/he hung the moon and stars.”
Leave him alone.

They’re not your brothers. You don’t know whats best for them or their career. Just shut up and whine to your posters instead of making an idiotic post that is offensive to everybody, and just plain out stupid and selfish.

Oh, you so devoted… The sad fact is that the TH’s philosophy ‘we ain’t give a shit about anything, we don’t owe anything to anybody’ results in the situation when the fans leave, delete the BTK app, change the themes for their tumblrs. And these fans are often editors, fanfic writers, active voters. And their drifting away is understandable. The matter is that in order to dedicate your time and creative works to some man you must admire him. And TH have been mostly frustrating lately. No music. Much lie. Mysterious videos and photos. Unnecessary intrigues. It always makes me feel disappointed when the fans beg for crumbs of attention from the twins in the app, ask for their support or encouragement in different situations, wait for condolences. And the twins vouchsafe no reply, mostly ignoring. Thanks to them I feel myself as a part of annoying mass encroaching on their privacy, as a machine for voting, as a monster from which they fence themselves by bodyguards. Of course, following them or not is a personal choice for everyone. As I see you seem to be happy about everything. Well, good luck with that! There are none so blind as those who will not see.

And the band apparently can’t choose between teasing with the album thus remaining in the spotlight and hiding into their privacy.

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